The stakes for managing a defined contribution plan - such as a 401(k) - have never been higher. New and changing regulations, along with more complicated investment options and the ever-present threat of lawsuits make managing plans a challenge.

We provide your firm with:

  • A named Fiduciary under ERISA section 3(21) or 3(38)

  • A comparison of recordkeepers

  • Investment selection & monitoring

  • Fee analysis & benchmarking

  • Retirement plan participant advice & education

  • Documented fiduciary processes

While we can't entirely eliminate the workload or your legal responsibilities, we can significantly lighten them while also insulating you from legal actions. Our well-documented processes, acceptance of fiduciary duty with respect to your plan, and an industry leading focus on managing costs are ever more critical, especially in light of recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Department of Labor (DOL) rulings.