When we launched Scale Investment Group in early 2010 we did so with the intention of starting a firm that we could be proud of. That meant throwing away most of what the modern investment advice industry would consider normal and focusing on a better and unique way forward. 


  • Research Focused

    • While most advisory firms are focused on sales, we are focused on research and our clients. Our clients don't pay us to spend time pitching to others, they pay us to stay abreast of market news, inform them and act accordingly.


  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

    • We are a Registered Investment Advisor or RIA. As an RIA we are a Fiduciary on all accounts we manage. Fiduciary simply means that we are legally obligated to work in your best interests - ahead of even our own. Many people are shocked to learn most advisors are not held to this strict standard!


  • Low Costs

    • We are very focused on keeping costs low. Why? Research has proven that the cost of trying to beat the market are greater than any benefits earned, on average. These types of strategies rarely work, and when they do it is impossible to predict which ones, when and for how long.

    • Rather than chasing our tail looking for outperformance, we choose to do what has been proven effective and control what we can - your costs.

    • In investing, unlike other products or services you purchase, you don't get more when you spend more. In fact you get less, much less when you factor in the lost compounding of interest opportunities.

    • Low cost investment options have become popular lately as investors start to realize the benefits. Unfortunately, many advisors who tout low costs stop short of applying that philosophy to their own service - but not us!


  • We Practice what we Preach

    • We eat our own cooking. We invest in the same types of investment options that we recommend for our clients.


  • Long-Term Focus

    • Investing happens over years, not weeks, days or minutes. We filter out the noise and focus on long-term goals. Advisors that encourage clients to trade often are either speculating or just generating commissions for themselves.


  • Index Funds

    • We use index funds often. Index funds are sometimes called passive investments, but that doesn't mean they do nothing. They are low cost, well-diversified, and avoid many of the pitfalls of active management.


  • Education

    • Many advisors prefer to have their clients kept in the dark. We feel that's a mis-guided approach. We take the time to answer your questions, address your concerns and educate you about finance and investing to help you make better, more informed choices now and in the future.


  • Michigan Born and Based

    • We could have started the firm anywhere - a financial hub, like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles - but we didn't. We are Michigan based and proud of it - proving you don't need to leave the comforts of home to get access to world class investment management.


Michael PRUs

Michael is the President and Founder of Scale Investment Group. He started the firm to provide investors a low-cost, research based investment management alternative to over-priced, under-informed advisors who don’t work in their clients best interests. He has a particular affinity for retirement savings, specifically 401(k) plans.

Michael completed a Bachelor of Science in business with a dual major in Finance and Management Information Systems from Drexel University in Philadelphia, graduating two terms early. He went on to earn an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University where he was the Musser Fellow.

Mike started his career in 2002 and draws heavily on his time in the industry, particularly his experience in research, to manage investments. Michael has written countless articles, blog posts and research papers on various investment related topics. He has been quoted in numerous publications such as Pensions and Investments magazine and is an in-demand speaker, having shared his expertise with thousands of people on a myriad of investing topics.  

When not working, Michael enjoys spending time with his dog, Bogle, mountain-biking, traveling and playing guitar. Michael is fluent in Polish and is conversant in German.

You can reach him anytime by email at MPrus@scaleinv.com.