Anyone who invests other people's money needs to have a clear and concise philosophy to guide their decision making process.


To quote Warren Buffet, "Investing is simple, but not easy." Our philosophy is based on keeping things simple, because it allows us to control more aspects in an otherwise very uncertain endeavor. For all other variables we try to have safeguards in place to manage that which we can't control. 

A complicated investment philosophy is not necessarily a good one. In fact, we would argue the opposite. Remember, it was very complex investment vehicles that nearly brought down the world economy during the Great Recession. Additionally, complex investments and strategies generally are expensive and the relationship between high costs and low returns has been documented time and again. This should be obvious to almost any casual observer. 

That's why we believe in diversification, buying and holding for the long-term, using inexpensive market-tracking index funds, and keeping our fee minimal for your benefit.